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High Profile Clients

"You are outstanding! I mean it. I am so impressed!"
Stephen Schwartz
Broadway Composer & Lyricist
"You are seriously good. I'm telling my friends about you."
Allan Myer
US Presidential Speech Writer
"Your talent humbles me. I want you to understand how amazing you are."
Casey Cott
Kevin Keller on "Riverdale"
"You are an angel! Thank you for taking such good care of me!"
Shoshana Bean


“Evan Presto put on an amazing show for us and our guests, both with his creative magic show and his great “balloon-bending” skills.  We were hosting a pre-Thanksgiving family and friends function in our club room back in November, and we had about 60 people present – approx. 40 adults and 20 children.  Evan was prompt, professional, courteous, and most importantly, flexible, as he willingly delayed the scheduled start of his performance to accommodate the many late-arriving guests. Then he actually stayed well past the scheduled end time, simply due to the long line of children who were eagerly awaiting the opportunity to stump Evan with their innovative (and, even a bit crazy) requests for balloon characters (e.g., Pikachu; Sonic). The magic show itself was fun and engaging, and Evan involved all ages (including my 84 year old mother) in the act.  One of the highlights was clearly when he levitated our 6-year old daughter in front of the crowd.  A good time was had by all, young and old, and everyone complimented us afterwards for Evan’s performance.  Evan and Berlin Talent Inc. were easy to work with throughout the process, from initial contact through contracting and payment, and we would welcome the opportunity to work with him again. In fact, we are seeking to retain his services in the next 2 months again as part of a major birthday milestone we are celebrating for a family member. Thank you again, Evan!!!”
-Karyn Librader, Gramercy

“Wow, what an amazing party!  We found Evan through a friend of ours who had a small children’s party and was very pleased with the great magic show he put on for her daughter’s friends.  We knew we would have a large group of kids, about 65, and we needed to find an energetic magician who could captivate the young audience and really make our 3 year old’s party specials. We were so happy with his performance. Our 3 and 5 year old and all of their friends were simply spellbound by his show.  The tricks were professionally done and his energy never faded; even when an over-excited 4 year old ran up to him and tried to figure out what was going on! For over an hour all 65 little kids sat on our grass laughing and gasping with excitement and wonderment.  When he started making balloon animals FOR ALL 65 KIDS they could not have been happier. I knew it was our best party yet and when my 3 year old princess told me this was the best day of her life it almost brought a tear to my eye. Thank you Evan for such a terrific job.  I suspect we’ll see your name in lights one day.”
– Bob Gould, Connecticut

“We hired Evan for my daughter’s birthday! He was AMAZING!!!! A wonderful performer and great guy. The kids and adults loved him. I would highly recommend him. Evan seriously exceeded my expectations which is pretty hard to do! And I am not just saying this because we have the same first name.”
– Evan Hershenson, Upper West Side

“There is a guy who does balloon entertainment in New Orleans, at the Cafe Du Monde. I’ve seen him perform 3 times. He’s pretty good. Evan Presto leaves him in the dust. I have never seen balloon creations like Evan’s! And he’s funny & personable & full of energy! Charming & talented!”
– Fran Paulman, Books and Company

“Evan is the most wonderful magician I have ever seen perform! He really knows how to connect with his audience and help them have a great time. We laughed the whole night! Overall a great performer and even more fantastic person!”
– Ainsley Wingard, East Cooper Medical Center

“Evan is so talented that he entertains not only the kids but the adults too. His balloons are more like creations and he takes each request seriously. He is also so personable and fun, easy going and can really relate to kids at their level. We had him come for our son’s 5th year birthday celebration and we was literally the hit of the party. Kids loved him and he is present and creative without being loud or raunchy in any way–very appropriate. I have recommended him to so many people and would love to have him come for next year. My son talks about him by name and was so excited Evan was coming to his party. I don’t usually even write reviews but I cannot imagine a situation where someone would regret hiring Evan. We found him when a friend had him at her party and several parents asked for his info. Thanks Evan for all you do!”
– Daphne & Rafi, UWS

“Evan Presto is magical! You won’t be disappointed. He’s got charmisma, stage presence and genuinely dazzled me with his illusions and hypnosis. I wish I could book him everyday!!”
– Casey Tucker, Actress

“Evan is SPECTACULAR! I was at the Whitneyville Fall Festival today and started seeing these incredible, multiple balloon masterpieces being carried around by exuberant children. Never in my life have I seen balloon creations like the ones he was making so easily and quickly today. Without a doubt, he is the best balloon creator I have ever seen. You should book him for any party that you want to add a little extra something to!”
– Tam Rae Morr, Hamden

“Evan joined us for my daughter’s 8th birthday party and he was a huge hit! He went above and beyond to tailor his balloons to excite a bunch of 8 year old girls. He made striking balloon handbags and jewelry- necklaces, bracelets and rings. His ladybug bracelets were all the rage! Evan was a ton of fun and had the girls laughing and coming back time and again! They really couldn’t get enough! Evan made our event special and I’d use him a million times over! Fabulous entertainer.”
– Dawn Miller, Upper West Side

“I asked Evan to be a guest performer in my sold out variety show and I’m so glad I did! He wowed the audience with his amazing talents and left them all wondering, “How did he do that?!?” He is a perfect addition to any event, show or party! He truly is magic!”
– Kody Christiansen, Award-Winning Author

“Evan is one of the most professional entertainers I’ve ever worked with.  He is a dream collaborator who isn’t just an artist, but an excellent resource to co-plan with.  I did a large-scale event at the CT Post Mall in Milford CT, and without prompting, he came up with ideas that he could implement to help compliment the event.  Evan has the best spirit, heart and charismatic personality that keeps parents and kids happy and excited throughout the day!  His momentum and work-ethic are incomparable.  My organization exclusively hires Evan for all of our events and programs and have NEVER been disappointed.”
– Laura Ross, JCC of Greater New Haven

“Evan is beyond amazing!!! He performed at my daughter’s 2nd birthday and every single guest was in awe! I literally received texts for hours from friends raving about Evan! He made the party go from good to absolutely great!!!”
– Kimberly Korn Hershenson, Upper West Side

“Evan provided a wonderful, varied, and age-appropriate set of magic for our son’s 5th birthday party. He had an easy rapport with the children, and, impressively, held their undivided attention! Evan’s performance was completely interactive and he made a point to include all of the children in one way or another. He had a good sense of timing and knew exactly when this group of 4-5 year-olds was ready to “move on” to the next thing. Evan provided our party a sense of wonder, joy, and surprise, and I know this will be a moment in my son’s life that he is not likely to forget.”
– Christine Hamel, Massachusetts

“Evan is affordable, affable and both the kids and parents loved his magic show. The balloon animals were spectacular, and everyone was unbelievably impressed! If you want a stress-free party with fantastic entertainment, there’s not a better deal out there!”
Eric Gallicchio, Connecticut

“We met Evan Presto in early 2013 when he visited and held a workshop at our centre. He had an impressive skill set and a genuine interest in our marginalised youth. We have maintained contact since this time, especially around students he worked with while in Cape Town. We have no hesitation in supporting Evan.”
– David Gore, College of Magic, Cape Town, South Africa

“Evan was FANTASTIC! We had him do balloon twisting for the students at our Newton Elementary School after a week long Book Fair! We hosted a “Family Medieval Night” and he was very BUSY twisting Princess Hats, Fighting Swords and anything the kids wanted throughout the evening. He amazed me that the crowds of kids didn’t stop him for a minute! We were hoping to see some of his amazing Magic but the balloons didn’t STOP! The kids loved his energy and enthusiasm and I would absolutely use him again for any event. Great guy!”
– Sharon Russo, Horace Mann Elementary, Newton, MA

“Although Evan has demonstrated more than just remarkable prowess as a magician, I am impressed with his generous donations of time and talent to mesmerize children and senior citizens. He is a generous and genuine young man. Evan is magic!”
– Janet McCarty, First-Selectman of North Haven

“Thank you for doing a show for our twins’ 5th birthday party. Kids and parents alike loved your performance.  You were so good with the kids and were able to engage an entire room of 4-6 year olds. The balloon animals were a huge hit too.  Thanks again!”
 – The Johnson Family, Connecticut

“Evan Gambardella’s magic show was a huge hit at our son’s birthday party!  The kids loved being part of the show and were amazed by the tricks Evan had up his sleeve.  We were thrilled with everything!  The balloon animals – if you can call the Little Mermaid and Space Aliens animals – were outstanding!  Thanks for the great time had by all!”
– Kristina Jensen, Connecticut

“Evan, thank you so much for taking time out of your schedule to make my event that much better. The balloon animals were great, and…with your help, we raised $500.00 for the two foundations. Thank you, again!”
– Cassandra Mastrianni, Miss Wolcott 2009

“Thank you so much for all the fabulous magic tricks. You really amazed all of us and you were awesome with the kids.”
Ashley & Chris, Footbridge Day Camp

“Evan, I had a really fun time with you in your balloon making class. You taught me a lot about making all different kinds of balloons. I even went on the internet to look up other balloons. If it weren’t for you I wouldn’t be looking them up or impressing everyone. Thank you so much. Your friend, Joey DeGrand, Spring Glen School, 6th grade”
– Joey DeGrand, 11-year-old ‘Balloon Building 101’ Student

“It was late Saturday afternoon and the Arts on the Edge festival was ending, but there is still a long line of children waiting to have balloon animals built to their specifications by the unflappable Evan Presto, who is committed to inflating and stretching balloons until every last tot is satisfied. Festival cleaner-uppers come and take away his table; he moves his wares to the brick ledge of a deserted storefront. That surface proves too hot and jagged for balloons, so Presto shifts across the street, and the line of customers follow as if they were the string on an errant balloon on a gusty day. He keeps pumping and twisting outside Creative Arts Workshop (which really, come to think of it, should offer a workshop on balloon animal craftsmanship). Dogs, monkeys, aliens emerge from his nimble hands. My own children get the balloons they sought, and we head down the street for coffee—you know, at Koffee? Half an hour later, we glance down the block and Presto’s still at it. You can’t pop this guy.”
– Christopher Arnott, Hartford Courant